Who Are We?

Alex with Hat Man

Alex Cruz

This fucking guy met Graham Mendez at a Kiss My Bundt bakery, where they both made cakes, in 2015. About once a week for 5 years he forgot that he had already mentioned it, and told Graham that a podcast about rewriting the Star Wars Prequels would be fun. Finally, in 2020, Graham began the process of shutting him up by learning how to record audio and edit a podcast.

Graham’s whole body

Graham Mendez

The forehead of this operation, Graham focuses most of his energy on harnessing and utilizing the raw power provided by Alex’s (see above) sheer force of creativity. Without Graham, the listeners would experiencing a momentary burst of intellectual ecstasy from Alex’s ideas quickly followed by an eternal malaise brought on by the explosion of every serotonin receptor in their brains.

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